Beginning Programming - Pascal

Assignments and Due Dates

Assignment                               Due date

 Print Name                  - Due Aug 29 
 Resistance                  - Due Sep  5 
 Day of the Week             - Due Sep 12 
 Area of a house             - Due Sep 19
 UPC Codes                   - Due Sep 26 
 Tickets                     - Due Oct  8
 Computing a Payment         - Due Oct 31 
 Amortization Schedule       - Due Nov  5
 Payroll                     - Due Dec  5
   Payroll data                

Possible assignments

 Sort records on a given Field -  
 Interest on a T-Bill          -   
 File I/O                      -  
 Universsal Product Code       -   
 Validating ISBN Numbers       -  
 Bank numbers                  -   


Sample questions that may be on an exam
Sample Questions that will be on an Exam
List of topics for the midterm

List of topics for the Final

Useful Links

Binary Numbers and the ASCII Character Set
Binary to Decimal converter
Hexadecimal Numbers (short blurb)
Pascal Links
WordStar commands for the Turbo Pascal Editor
VI Editor commands
Sample pascal program - Hello World
Sample pascal program with a function