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- Dr. McDaniel

Employee Information

Job title: Professor

Key responsibilities: I work full-time for the Department of Computer Science teaching Computer Science classes.
I serve on various committees in the Department of Computer Science and in the College of Mathematics and Science. I also maintain the Web Page for the Online Entry Form for the Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

E-mail address:

Office phone: 405-974-5388

Biographical Information (Professional)
I graduated from East Central State College (now East Central Oklahoma State University ) in Ada, Oklahoma, with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics in 1972. (Click here to see the "NEW" computer.)

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1975 with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

I graduated from Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas with a Ph.D. in Computing Science in 1985.

This Semester's Classes

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Important Files


An Algorithm for Error Correcting Cyclic Redundance Checks
C/C++ Users Journal - June 2003 - p.6
So far as I can determine, the source code is no longer available at the Dr. Dobbs website. For a local copy, click here

Efficiently Sorting Linked Lists
Dr. Dobbs Journal - June 1999 - p. 125
The source code, as published, is at the DDJ website.

The latest version of the source code can be retrieved at this web site. I have divided the program into 4 parts: The Singly Linked List routines (which include the Sort routine) are in the file: csll_.c, the header file is in: sll_.h. The main test program is in: llsort.c A program that will create a random file of characters for testing is create.c

I also have a version of the sort using C++ templates. The comparison (comp) routine has been replaced by <. I overloaded << which will make the traverssal routine more intuitive. You can use these routines to sort a linked list of virtually any structure (so long as the structure is specified in the template argument list). Within the declaration of the user defined structure, the user will have to define the < and the << operators to make the proper comparisons and to handle the output. The main test program is llsortlt.cpp and the templated Singly List routines are in tcslll_.html.
Implementing the Heap Sort using Dynamically Allocated Storage
Conference on Applied Mathematics - University of Central Oklahoma Spring 1995

Parsing a String with a Batch file - PC Magazine - April 26, 1994 - p.275

QuickSort Using Linked Lists
Conference on Applied Mathematics - University of Central Oklahoma

An Object Oriented Data Base in Turbo Pascal
Conference on Applied Mathematics - University of Central Oklahoma - Spring 1993

An Introduction to Turbo Pascal Object Oriented Programming
Conference on Applied Mathematics - University of Central Oklahoma - Spring 1992

Variations on Put First
Conference on Applied Mathematics - University of Central Oklahoma - Spring 1991

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