Bedix is a game that can be played against a computer, 1 or more human opponents, or as a solitary exercise. The players use (hopefully) pure logic to win.

When playing with an opponent, the rules of the game are as follows.

Your opponent has a 5 letter word (where no letter can appear more than once) taken from the dictionary. Your job is to ascertain the 5 letters, and then by looking at the 120 permutations of those 5 letters, determine the word. You also have a 5 letter word that your opponent is trying to guess.

The rules of play:

You guess a 5 letter word (with no duplicate letters), and your opponent answers with a single digit that signifies the number of letters in his word that also appear in the word you asked. You use this number to figure out what letters appear in his word. Your opponent then inquires about your word.


Suppose your opponents word was HOUSE and you asked TRIES. He would respond with 2 meaning that 2 of the letters in TRIES also appear in HOUSE. With the information from several inquiries, one can determine the opponents word.

As a solitary game.

There is a list of 5 letter words, where no letter appears more than once. Each word listed is accompanied with a single digit that signifies the number of letters that match the letters in an unknown (5 letter) word (The position of the letters is not important.) You use this number to figure out what letters appear in the unknown word. Given the list as shown below:
       word  number

  1.   tribe  3
  2.   slate  3
  3.   wipes  1
  4.   under  1
  5.   traps  3
... the 5 letters to the unknown word can be deduced using the above 5 clues.

A strategy:

Assume that W is a letter. If it is, then I P E and S are NOT letters (clue 3). Therefore T R and B ARE letters (clue 1), and L A and T ARE letters (clue 2). Now we have 6 letters (W T R B L and A), and since we are supposed to be dealing with 5 letter words we have a contradiction. Therefore we conclude that W is not a letter. If we make an assumption, and follow that assumption to it's logical conclusion, and the conclusion is false then we know that the assumption was false to begin with.

Continue this process, and variations on it, until all of the letters are determined. Once you have the 5 letters, you can generate the 120 permutations and determine the word.

I have placed this page on the Internet for the enjoyment of word (and logic) enthusiasts everywhere. If you would like more sets of words/responses to appear on this page, then send an e-mail message to: Bill McDaniel .
    word  response
1.  abysm   0
2.  clunk   1
3.  empty   2
4.  aztec   3
5.  chile   4

Here are some groups of words to practice on:

pudgy 0
xeric 3
ritzy 3
stale 3
sligo 2
petal 2

phage 1
impel 4
gauds 1
jumpy 1
laird 2

jakes 2
ywcas 2
moran 2
thews 2
ymcas 1
black 1
musty 1
antsy 1
burne 1

stier 2
leads 2
sobat 2
scalp 2
third 2
edith 2
viola 2
yawns 1
knout 1
poker 1
raoul 1

fords 2
dimes 2
betsy 2
prime 3
aptly 0
round 1
sight 1

The following list covers all 26 letters of the alphabet.
More clues will be needed to isolate the single solution.

adzes 2
bight 1
bjorn 1
black 0
bumps 1
flaxy 1
squaw 1
stave 2

5 letter words