ACM - Association of Computing Machinery
(UCO Student Computer Club)

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University of Central Oklahoma students are invited and encouraged to join
the UCO Computer Club (a UCO student charter of the national ACM organization)
This campus chapter is a group of UCO students interested in computers
and related topics, whether they are Computer Science majors or not.

The ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) is a national organization. Chapters are
chartered either as Professional or as Student organizations.
Professional ACM chapters have been chartered around the country. Typically, the
Professional Chapters attract individuals who are already working in the field ($99/year dues),
while Student Chapters are usually chartered at universities like UCO for their students.
There are student chapters at OSU, OU and OC also.

General guidelines for choosing your participation opportunities:
There are many criteria to consider in deciding whether a particular employment environment
is a good fit such as location, learning opportunities, salary, stability, family circumstances,
company culture, relevance, contribution potential, etc.

Likewise, there are also evaluations that can be helpful in choosing a meaningful fit for
voluntary participation with an organization or project. Some are suggested below:

1)  Have you researched the organization/project in proportion to your anticipated
level of participation?
2)  Do you share rapport, purpose and values with others working for the organization/project?
3) Is the organization/project reputable, transparent and consistent in its methods and goals?
4) What is the likelihood the organization/project goals are achievable in whole or in part,
given the resources and structure?
5) Are volunteers valued and treated with respect and civility?
6) Is the work involved aligned with your interests and priorities?
7) What level of commitment is expected or required?
8) Would you be proud to be publicly affiliated with the organization/project?
9) Will working with the organization/project help you become a better person?
10) Will the outcomes or results of the organization/project make the world a better place?